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Nefful Negative Ion BI030 Blanket/Bedsheet

Bedding Series

Teviron Blanket and Bedsheet generates high amount of negative ions that relaxes your mind, body and give you a good night sleep!

Nefful Negative Ion Scarf & Shawls

Scarves & Shawl

Soft scarf and shawl are easy to match for all occasion. Unique style and the best choice for healthy and beautiful women.

Nefful Negative Ion Supporters

Supporters & Wrist Band

Teviron supporter series has great design and easy matching colours. Perfectly safeguard your joint areas as well as for comfort and warmth.

Teviron Mens' Clothing

Men’s Clothing

Teviron Men’s Series offer four main functions: warmth, comfort, health and safety. Keep your body dry and comfortable and energetic.

Teviron children clothing

Children’s Clothing

Wearing Teviron creates a safe and comfortable environment to your children. Protect them from the common cough and cold & flu.

Teviron women clothing

Women’s Clothing

Women Series provides comfortable fit and great texture. Brings a feeling of confidence and enhances a beautiful healthy figure.

Nefful Socks

Socks & Gloves

Different style Teviron socks specially design to suit both sexes for different seasons. Teviron Classic gloves are comfortable wear while you work or drive!

Nefful Body Shaping Undergarment

Body-Shaping Undergarments

Design to enhance warming for female users. High waist design is comfortable and elastic with soft texture.

Teviron Scarfs

Limited Edition

Limited Edition series fashionable and elegant. Quality products that are both innovative and incomparable to others in the health and wellness industry.

Oeko Tex Standard 100