Healthier & More Confidence In This Negative Ion Clothing Business

I probably have had every sickness that you can name under the sun. For the past 7 years, I lived with Chinese and Western medicine, acupuncture, massages, and health supplements. Rather than a “medicine can,” I should be aptly called a “medicine pot,” spending so much money, and getting only limited improvement in return.

Last year, I became acquainted with my up-line, Mrs Lin Yue Zeng in a business meeting in May, she suddenly spoke to me about the products of “Nefful”.  At that time, I tried the products since she was an acquaintance. I bought a box of high quality panties, two pink long-sleeve undershirt, long underpants, small white scarf, two pairs of long socks, and one waist band. In the first 3 to 4 days of wearing them, the reactions caused by the improvements intensified the pain the already affected areas, and I coughed out a lot of phlegm. I felt warmth all over my body, was having pungent perspiration, break a lot of wind, and the urine had a pungent smell. I remembered Mrs. Zeng’s words to drink lots of water and on the fifth day, I started to feel better, very much like a whole new person.

I had more confidence in the products then, and soon I purchased the ultimate treasure in the clothing series, bedsheet and the blanket. Within 3 weeks, my health was improved greatly after trying them on. I read many books on “negative static and ions” and began to understand their magical effects. I fell deeply in love with the products and got involved in the health clothing business.

I thank Chiao Shuan, the area general manager. Although she is based in Taiwan, she still often calls me in L.A., and shows her care and encouragement. I thank my up-line, the senior area manager, Mrs. Lin Yue Zeng, for her patience and support that allow me to gain my health back, and have more confidence in doing this business of helping myself as well as helping others.

Symptoms: Asthma
~ Hui Xu