Negative Ion Clothing Helped My Hyperthyroidism

I am Lim ErnErn from Malaysia. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism by doctor when I was 12 years old. He suggested that I have an operation, but told me that I would relapse, it cannot be cured and I need to take medicine for life.

I started taking medicine from the age of 12. At age 26, due to work and various stress, I become very sick. Within three months of taking the drug, there were many side effects, I loss my sense on smell and taste, imbalance of ear water, migraine, and knee problem. Fear of having more side effect, I switched to health supplement.

Over the past 20 years, I have tried various methods such as: Western medicine, Chinese medicine, various health care products, and even tried other remedies! But my problem cannot be solved! Until my dad meets Nefful and start to use the products himself and sees improvement. He shared with us, but I had doubts. Thanks to dad for insisting, I have the opportunity to understand and experience Nefful products. My health improved tremendously and I stop my medication. After 2 years of using Nefful products, all my health conditions improved. I realized that I don’t have to spend a lifetime on medicines, reduce monthly visit to hospital for blood test, save on high medical bills, cut down on health supplements, massages, etc.

We only need to invest once in negative ion health clothing, and we can use it for a lifetime, always effective! It’s worth it! Thanks to Nefful’s high-tech healthy clothing, I found a simple and convenient way to health.