Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Gone

Working in a hospital for 10 years didn’t cure my RA. When it first began to hurt, our great doctor trained in Western medicine administered a great shot in the sutra of my knee, and the pain was gone instantly. The pain would return once a year, so I went and got the shot for a total of three times. I later found out it was the “great” steroid. Our family all has got mediocre liver capability, so I was afraid to receive the shots again.

I then went for acupuncture. I would do it every time it started to hurt. Each needle insertion would cost $100 NT, and each session would require 4 to 5 times of acupuncture before there was any effect. But in order to completely cure the problem, I would need to do this for many, many years. I don’t know how much time and money we would need to spend on this. This changed when I started using the amazing knee band. My knee was in so much pain for two days that I almost vomited. But Shiao Feng, the area general manager told me to keep at it and use the blanket. Gosh! What does knee pain have to do with blanket? But she kept telling me to use the blanket, and it was kind of hypnotizing. So I brought home the blanket. I need to tell you that it’s truly amazing!

The pain was gone two days later. It’s now half a year later, and it has never returned. Now, everyone in our family uses the complete Teviron series.

How fortunate I am to use such amazing, high-tech Teviron products, and how lucky I am to join Chen-Shan-Mei system! To me, Teviron products are the same as the Chen-Shan-Mei system. What an amazing transition it has been for me, from neglecting health to valuing my body, from hating network marketing to being surprised by its charisma and fast income. This is all quite unbelievable for someone who used to manage a traditional store.

What makes me happier is that I used to hate studying, but now I am in love with the curriculum designed by Chen-Shan-Mei. I can only tell you that keeping speculating is only a waste of life and time. It’s simple, really. All you need to do is ask yourself if you will do this or not, and you will have the answer right in front of you. I thank Huo Chuan and Shaiao Feng, the area general managers, for their constant teaching and the support.

~ Rui Ying Rong
Symptom: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Source: http://nature-selfhealing.com/nature-self-healing-testimony.html