The Unexpected Pregnancy Made Us Excited and Confident in the Products

I first rejected and was skeptical of the products. Then, I accept them. 6 months after my child was born, he started to have flu, fever, and it escalated to pneumonia. Within 4 short months, his medical insurance card turned from A card to F card. The benefactor in my life, Yu Ting, introduced me the products, and I started using them.

Afterwards, we seldom went to see the doctors. We are so amazed by the products’ effects, and that’s why we started using them.

The more exciting miracle happened to my sister-in-law, who suffered severe endometriosis (she has had three operation, and each MC would put her in serious pain). After she started using a lot of the products, the pain was significantly alleviated within the first month, and was completely gone in the second month. In the third month, however, she discharged blood for the entire month. We didn’t know why this was happening, and we took her to Chang Gung Hospital, and the doctor there couldn’t determine the cause, either. We just assumed it was the reaction of improvement, and she continued using the products.

After she has used the products for 6 months, she went back to Chang Gung Hospital for another check-up, and that’s when she found out her endometriosis was completely cured. We were so thrilled! After a year of using the products, she got pregnant, and we were even more delighted with this wonderful news. I also became even more confident in the products.

Symptoms: Pneumonia, Endometriosis
~ Ling Hui, Lin