What Safety Marks to Look for on Clothes for Kids?

Flammable Clothing
Shopping for clothing for your children but apart from looking for style, price, you need also be aware of how safe certain garments are, especially around fire. Flammable clothing could put your kids at risk. Certain fabrics burn quicker and at a higher temperature than others.

In America Flammability Fabrics Act of 1953 was put into place to regulate the manufacture and sale of flammable clothing, but there are still companies who overlook the safety of
their products.flammable-clothing

Some factors that contribute to how dangerous clothing is include:
–  Type of material. For example, cotton burns the fastest while nylon has a lower fire risk.
–  The weight of the fabric. Heavy fabrics with a tighter weave burn slower and have a higher resistance to catching fire.
–  Fabrics with loose fibers catch fire easily and spread quickly.
–  Loose fitting clothes are more dangerous than tight fitting clothes because they can drape over open flames easily and catch fire.

So when purchasing clothes and garments with a low risk of catching fire is important, but it is also crucial to be careful around fire.

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