.BI031 Dual Purpose Blanket Cover

Neoron Blanket helps to enhance good sleep. When you sleep, your body and mind are fully covered by the anionic healthy environment. It has very high negative ions that improve the health of the entire body, overcome stiffness in the joints of the body and is very excellent for preventing and reducing disease in the long term. Negative Ions comforts your mind and body, make you feel relax and comfortable. Neoron blanket is your first choice for quality sleep!

Neoron Fiber products offer four functions: warmth, comfort, health and safety. In addition, the Teviron Health Series is known to produce negative ions that regulate the concentration of calcium ions in one’s body. Your first choice for a good night’s sleep. Highest negative ion comforts your whole body and mind for total relaxation and amazing effects to your health.


BI030 Dual Blanket Cover



teviron blanket

Material:(Outer) Cotton 70%, Polyester 30%
(Inner) Neoron 100%
Colour:Pink/ Gray
Size:150 x 210cm (Single)
180 x 210cm (Double)
Single:SGD1,980 (Member SGD1,584)
Double:SGD2,400 (Member SGD1,920)