Supporters & Wrist Band

We offer you our new supporters and wristbands for use in sports and other functions. Products designed and made to provide you protection, warmth and comfort, these supporters and wristbands are your perfect partner for the right level of insulation and moisture-eliminating characteristics. Whether you are training and playing hard for fitness, bodybuilding or losing weight, there is a supporter or wristband for you.

Adding a great level of protection when performing various activities or sports, these negative ions clothing are your best friend to rely on for health and wellness benefits for you. Studies revealed that wearing negative ion clothing could help increasing your energy levels as well as your concentration.

Aside from its numerous health benefits, Nefful clothing is out in matching colors, designs and patterns to suit your lifestyle and taste. Buying one or two clothing in this category can increase your joint protection when working out, playing sports or performing your daily functions, too. Otherwise, you can also give them as a gift to a friend or to a loved one for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.