SG013 Wrist Support

SG013 Wrist Support

Features: The soft weaving method provides comfort and support to your elbows and ankles.

SG013 Wrist Supporter

Material:(Outer Layer): Acrylic 43%, Cuprammonium Rayon 28%, Polyester 6%, Nylon 21%
(Inner Layer): Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 68%, Nylon 21%, Polyester 9%, Polyurethane 2%
Size:M, L
Price:M, L SGD90 (Member SGD72)
Color: Gray, Ivory

– Firmly fixed the entire wrist in oppressive feeling less soft tightening comfort

– Cold Hand
– Keeps Hand Warm
– Numbness Of Hand Palpitations
– Sweaty Palms
– Uneven Heartbeat
– Unstable Breath
– Wrist Ache
– Wrist Injury