SG014 Ankle Support

SG014 Ankle Supports keeps ankle joints warm. Best protection for cold and help relief elbow and knee joint pain.

Features: The soft weaving method provides comfort and support to your elbows and ankles.


SG014 Ankle Supporter

Material:(Outer Layer): Acrylic 44%, Cuprammonium Rayon 29%, Nylon 14%, Polyester 10%, Polyurethane 3%
(Inner Layer) Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 76%, Nylon 24%
Size:M, L
Price:M, L SGD90 (Member SGD72)
Color:Gray, Ivory

– Supporters to protect gently ankle
– It is also recommended as walking or during cold measures
– Tired achy feet come from weak ankles
– Firmly supports ankle joints yet movement is not restricted
– Can wear them with socks and tennis shoes
– The unique arch support and maximum flexibility will help prevent lower back pain and slowly straighten your posture

-Foot Ache
-Male & Female Genital Protection
-Sciatic Nerves
-Sport Protector



For more information, please contact:

Jenny Lim
(+65) 8182 3325