UW401 Thermal Long-Sleeve Undershirt (Unisex)

UW401 Thermal Long-Sleeve Undershirt (Unisex)

Features: The inner layer is made of 100% NEORON, which is an excellent heat insulator; giving you warmth even during cold weather.

Thermowear the ideal choice and simply the best! The material is warmer than woolen winter wear, interior made of 100% teviron to keep body temperature regulated when you needed it most.

UW401 Thermal Long-Sleeve

Material:Outer Material: Acrylic 78%, Nylon 16%, Wool 4%, Polyurethane 2%
Inner Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (NEFFUL NEORON) 100%
Size:M / L / LL
MSGD 400 (Member SGD320)
LSGD 400 (Member SGD320)
LLSGD 410 (Member SGD328)