Severe Osteoarthritis and Insomnia Improved

nefful testimonialsIn 2002 my mother was suffering from severe osteoarthritis . Two years later, her knees were curved out. It was very inconvenient and harder while she was walking up and down stairs. There was no improvement after seeing many Chinese and Western medical doctors. My mother’s knees were sore, painful, red and swollen. She could not fall into sleep without one hour ice treatment every night. She took anti-inflammatory painkillers every day. Taking of calcium did not help either. Finally, a doctor recommended her for a surgery, but fortunately my mom disagreed. Soon after, I met MeiAn AM, who introduced me the negative ion healthy clothing. At that time, I just simply believed in what she said, immediately invested in a full set, including the L-type Calcium Lactate. Three months after using the products, my mom got rid of painkillers. One year later, she looked so much better. Now, she has been using the products for more than four years, and within these four years, she walked to church every time.

Teviron SupportersAs for myself, I was suffering from poor sleeping quality for more than 10 years, my neck and shoulders were often in pain. I would wake up at night due to the pain. I have seen more than eight Chinese and Western doctors, but there was no improvement at all. Four years ago, just by simply changing what we wore from head to toe, day and night, six months later all the problems have been improved! Within these four years, my mom and I are free from acupuncture and massage, and those eight family members who were using bronchodilators with steroids have stopped spraying them. Fewer trip to hospital, less medication, how grateful it is! I really like to thank the company for producing such high-tech clothing and Chen-Shan-Mei Success Team for training. I become more courageous in sharing, and my social circle, time, and income are multiplying. My life becomes colorful, thank you!



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