Asthma – 1

Asthma Symptom Improved

I’m 16 years old right now. I had asthma since age 3. I have been taking steroid my entire life to control the symptom. At the age of 13, I grew out of asthma, but got eczema at the same time.  It was a very severe eczema. I had to use very strong steroid every 3 months for 100 mg to control it. One day, just before making an appointment to the steroid treatment, I got a neck warmer to sleep with. The next morning, the old skin on my neck was falling off, and the new skin came out. Additionally, I was playing lacrosse at school.  When I wore the gears, I would get all sweaty and always develop sweat rash. I started wearing the negative ion tank tops, and I was able to control the rash. For the whole season I hadn’t been taking any steroid, and my symptom got much better.”

~ Sean

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