Back Pain

Back Pain Relief

I have a lot of problem with my back because I had two fractures 18 years ago.  And I had car accidents too.  Recently I started to get unbearable back pain again.  I was scared and wanted to have an X-ray taken.  I don’t have insurance and I had only $150 at the time.  I thought about for 2 days whether to give the money to the doctor or buy a shirt.

I decided to buy the shirt.  It took me 10 days to feel comfortable and the back pain went away.  It worked for my son too.  When he had his tooth removed, he was really in pain.  I gave him the sample blanket to put on his face. He said, “oh, this thing is good.”  After 3 days, he was eating food.  And my sister’s girl took out her tooth 2 days before my son did, but she had to wait another 3 days to start eating after my son was able to eat.

~ Sonia

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