Renal Atrophy and Kidney Stone Were Gone

Name: Shue-Er Luo

Symptoms: Renal Atrophy & Kidney Stones, Menopausal Disorders, Lower Back Pain, Knee Pain, Wrist & Elbow Weakness & Pain, Long Term Headache, HBV carrier, Insomnia, Fatigue, Poor Blood Circulation, Anemia, Pain & Swelling, Gynecological Diseases, Heart Palpitations, Breathing Problems & Constipation.BI031 Dual Blanket Cover Gray

nefful testimonialsFour years ago, doctors informed me that one of my kidneys was shrinking, and another had stones. After using Nefful products for about six months, I went back to the hospital for a checkup. Doctors told me the Renal Atrophy and Kidney Stone were gone. I was very excited about the report. I am a HBV carrier, I used to suffer from menopausal disorders, lower back pain, knee pain, wrist and elbow weakness & pain, long-term headache, insomnia, fatigue, poor blood circulation, anemia, breast pain and swelling, and gynecological diseases. Now the symptoms have all disappeared. The functions of my kidneys are getting better; my aging heart valves have become normal. The problems of heart palpitations & breathing have been cleared. The chronic constipation and stomach inflammation for 30 years have all improved.

I like to thank Yen-Chiu AGM for providing me the information about health! Although my body is getting better and better, I am still using a massive quantity of the products, because I want the whole body covered with care. Using the negative ion clothing is so convenient, it is care free, environmental friendly, and economical. It is the most humane and dignified way of natural healing. The negative ions come from nature; I always believe that the products are the response to the call for human needs.

I am grateful for the product and the team for its educational training. Best wishes to you all and may your dreams come true!


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