High Blood Pressure – 1

No More Pills for High Blood Pressure
Symptoms: High Blood Pressure, Joint Pains, Menopause
Name: Zhing Yu Qiucustomers testimonials

I was very excited when senior AM Su Xiu Chin showed me the DM of negative ions health wear to me. Although my education level was only at technical high school, I still had the concept of how negative ion could benefit the human body. Not to mention how eager I was to know everything about negative ions when I saw a thick pack of order sheets in her bag.

I was the leader of the cashiers in a supermarket. Thirteen years of working caused me huge pains in my finger joints. I had tried both Chinese acupuncture and western rehabilitate, but none of them worked. Four years ago, AGM Su Xiu Chin came in to my life, because of her introduction I began to use the full set product. It was very amazing that my sore arm healed in only 3 days! I had high risk of having high blood pressure. After I gave birth to my daughter when I was 30, my blood pressure increased with my age. If I had ever forgotten to take the medicine, it would rise above 140 right away. In the beginning I only wore the clothes, and Teviron did control my blood pressure around 130/90. Then I started to take calcium after the company imported the HC16L calcium tablets, which strengthen the improvement. My blood pressure went down to 115/75 immediately. I used to take 2 pills to decrease my blood pressure, now I don’t even have to take any!

This is something that I would have never dreamed of! Another benefit was Teviron negative ions wear and HC16L calcium took away all the menopausal syndromes I used to suffer such as sore knees, backache, palpitation, arrhythmia and dizziness. I’m very satisfied with my condition; I feel the same as 20 years ago! Like an evangelist I shared my experience with people, along with one and another surprises, I had created a group of excellent partners unconsciously. The courses provided by Chen Shan Mei success are the guarantees of success.

Thank the company for producing the great products and having such a humane system, which made my life become more valuable and creative. Now I am able to be healthy and accumulate fortune faster in order to fulfill my dream. I really want to thank the cultivation from the team. Also, I would like to thank AGM Guo Ming and Jia Xiang for holding OPP in Hua Lian every month. Because of their efforts, everyone grows quickly. We will remember all the kindness in our hearts!


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