Teviron Clothing Help Patients Undergo Chemotherapies

Teviron Fiber Transformed into a Butterfly That Flown into My life Gracefully, and Relieved The After Effects That Cancer Patients Suffered

Symptoms: Cancer
~ Angela Fang

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Last year, Teviron fiber transformed into a butterfly that flown into my life gracefully. The one that led the butterfuly in was Feng Ching (Mei Yu).

Feng Ching lived with me in U.S. For the sake of taking care of the children, we would go back to Taiwan at different times. When Feng Ching returned to the States, she gave me a black-and-white Teviron bow scarf, and I knew it was special. One day I put on the scarf to match with my outfit and went to the office. In the night, the office got colder, and I discovered that I didn’t need to put on a coat because of the thing that was wrapped around my neck. I knew that Teviron had taken roots in me since then.

Therefore, I brought it back to the States and introduced it to my friends and patients since it was not a commercial products, to me but a medical supplement. I introduced it to my patients because I want everyone to be healthier. This belief, as warm as Teviron, probably has allowed my patients to feel how real it is. A patient of mine would still feel cold after putting on four quilts, but the Teviron blanket and bed sheet got her so warm that she could sleep like a baby. She saw that others who were undergoing chemotherapies were vomiting, feeling cold, being unable to walk, and even needing to use wheelchairs but because she was using the complete series of Teviron products, she didn’t have to suffer any of these severed after effects.

For someone who only understands the products rather than the system, and just simply wants to share with others good health without thinking of making money, she was given a new life simply because Teviron is that great. It gave Feng Ching, someone who is just not a wee bit of a businesswoman, a successful business, as well as health and confidence. It is that special!

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