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Diabetic Improvedcustomers testimonials

I became diabetic about 6 years ago.  For 5 years, I was taking pills, one in the morning and one at night just to control my glucose level, but still it was high at 150 – 190.

Last October, a lady named Marca came to my house and introduced me this product.  When she left, I thought there must be a reason the God sent this lady to my house, so I would give it a try.

I started to wear the negative ion underwear.  After 3 weeks, when I went back to my doctor, he was surprised to see my glucose leveled.  He asked me what I did differently. Better diet? More exercise?  I said no, but I was wearing these clothes.  He laughed but told me to keep doing what I did.

Next month, when I went in for the check, my doctor couldn’t believe my glucose still leveled.  And he started to ask me about the product since all his families have diabetes.  I told him the website and he started to do some investigation.   Today, he is wearing the product and I am not taking any pills.

~ Joyce

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