Kawasaki Disease – 1

Symptoms: Kawasaki disease, Enlarged Coronary Artery
Name: Deng Hong Hao & Ye Su Huacustomers testimonials

I’m a career woman. I have three sons who have poor resistances. If one of them had caught a cold, the rest two would probably be infected. They were always taking medicine, you could tell how often they went to the doctors by seeing the alphabet on their National Health Insurance Cards, definitely H or J!

One day when my youngest son was two, he suddenly had a high fever we couldn’t bring down. We went to different hospital to see different doctors, and the results were all different, too. Until the 14 day, we were assured that he had Kawasaki disease.

I’d never heart about Kawasaki disease before. The doctor said it is a kind of disease to do with heart, the coronary artery enlarged. Meanwhile, there’s no cure for Kawasaki, the only way to control is to take aspirin.

My husband and I had to call off from work often because we visited the emergency room in the middle of the night all the time.

In order to give me some relief, my sister AM Chun Chou recommended me a high tech product. She said it was the easiest way to strengthen immune system. My husband decided to let our youngest son to use the products once he heard that it was helpful to health.

In the beginning, he only wore the clothes at night. One day he just broke out in a rash a week since he started using the products. My sister suggested to me to try wrap him with the blanket for a night instead of taking medicine right away. Beyond my expectation, the rash disappeared the next day.

We went to the doctor less and less as we started to let him wear Teviron. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to sleep all night long, isn’t it? The whole family started to use the products since we see its effect!

My father in law looks healthier, my mother in law coughs less, I got rid of headache, lachrymal problems, nasosinusitis, arrhythmia, sore back, period pains, numbness in arms and legs.

I really have to thank my sister for introducing Teviron to my family, also thanks to AGM Bao Ying’s professional advice, and AGM Meng Hui’s guidance. I am very lucky to have a wise husband.

Finally, I would like to thank Chen Shan Mei success team and Teviron product for providing my family an opportunity to embrace a healthier lifestyle!

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