Nefful Detergent

Benefits of Nefful Natural Detergent

1.  This is highly concentrated detergent that gets clothes clean with just a small amount.
2.  Powerful proteinic enzymes leaves clothes fresh and clean.
3.  Breaks down dirt and grime, leaving your clothes spotless and free from any chemical residue. Environmentally friendly.
4.  No nitrogen and fluorescent material. Do not harm to the ecosystem of lakes.

Amount to Use:
Washing machine – 30L of water, 15c.c. detergent
Hand Washing – 5L of water, 2.5c.c. detergent

1. Mix 15c.c. of Nefful natural detergent with 30L of water. Mix well.
2. Soak laundry in the above solution. Switch on the washing machine (wash for 5 to 15 minutes), apply detergent directly onto collar, cuffs and any stained areas. Scrub gently.
3. Rinse twice (3 to 6 minutes) with water.
4. Spin dry (approx 1-2 minutes)

Ingredients: Polyoxyethylen alkyl ether, Potassium soap, Exleyme
Nature: Weak alkaline
Use: Washing clothes (cotton, linen, rayon, synthetic material, etc)

nefful detergent

Points to note:
1. Keep well away from the reach of children.
2. Clean your hands with water after use.
3. Wear gloves if your hands is infected with dermatosis.
4. If detergent is accidentlally swallowed, drink large amt of water and seek immediate medical attention or a physician.
5. Upon contact with eyes, flush eyes thoroughly with cold water and seek immediate medical attention.
6. Keep bottle under cool area away from direct sunlight. Expire 3 years from date of manufacture indicated on bottle.