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I developed Bell’s palsy on December 12, 2008. When that happened, the entire left side of my face dropped lower because of the muscle numbness. The numbness prevented me from closing my left eye.

Pain developed afterward in my left ear. I couldn’t sleep, nor rest.  Because of the muscle numbness, my eyes couldn’t focus and I couldn’t drive. Then in April, I started using the negative ion clothing, starting with the scarf. I have sensitive skin. Normally anything that’s not cotton or silk will cause my skin to irritate, but this product didn’t cause any reaction from my skin. I wore them 24 hours a day, and miraculously the pain was reduced.

After a couple months, I bought the full set of negative ion clothing.  Soon after, I was able to wear contact again. My pain was all gone. I had even more energy than before. Before, I used to hibernate a lot of time, especially during seasonal changes. When my friends couldn’t reach me for a few days, they would all know that I was sleeping at home.

Now I’m active, with a lot of energy. My friends are all surprised. I also had allergy before. When it came, it hit from head to toe and I couldn’t sleep, so I was taking antihistamine. But now with the negative ion clothing, I’m completely medicine-free.”

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