Scarves & Shawl

Scarves and shawls are great for fashion statement, whether for corporate or casual clothing. What more if you could turn your ordinary accessory into something fabulous like Neoron scarves and shawls from our store?

In case you have not heard of it, these fashion accessories are now made even better because of the health-giving properties they can have due to negative ions. Vitamins in the air are abundant in places, such as the beach, park and forest, but now can be found even in clothing. And speaking of clothing, you may want to complete your getup with glamorous shawls and scarves created with negative ions.

These elements give relaxing effects for the body, mind and spirit because they can help in normalizing your breathing rate while help your blood pressure; therefore, one can easily relieve any office or business stress through wearing the scarves and shawls.

Products are made with only high quality materials and at affordable prices. Choose your color, style and design from our wide selection of Nefful clothing.


  • AS001 Cloth (White) 2 Per Pack
  • AS002 Long Cloth (White)
  • AS003 Plain Stole
  • AS004 Stripe Stole
  • AS005 Shawl
  • AS030 Georgette Shawl 
  • AS033 Herringbone Pattern shawl
  • AS034 Chiffon Shawl
  • AS035 Spectacles Pattern Shawl
  • AS022 Knitted Beanie