Socks & Gloves

Neoron socks and gloves are designed and made to suit all sexes! You can go from classic to modern, stylish socks and gloves to keep you warm and comfortable. Choose from different colors, designs and patterns to fit your lifestyle.

Increase your concentration and focus in any activities you do. Live a happier and healthier life by putting on these gloves and socks made with negative ions.


  • AS017 Women’s Gloves
  • AS018 Men’s Gloves
  • AS020 UV Protection Arm Cover
  • LS001 Leg Warmer
  • LS002 Lady’s Rib Socks
  • LS003 Men’s Rib Socks
  • LS004 Long Socks
  • LS005 Room Socks
  • LS006 Full Length Circulation Socks
  • LS011 Women’s 5 Toe Socks
  • LS012 Men’s 5 Toe Socks
  • LS007 Pantyhose
  • LS013 Children’s Socks
  • LS014 Casual Ankle Socks