Negative Ion Clothing Helped Baby With Kawasaki Disease 改善哮喘与川崎病


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Kawasaki Disease & Stroke Patients Using Negative Ion Clothing


Just by changing the clothes he wears daily to high tech negative ions clothing has helped my son build up his own body immune system to improve his severe asthma in just a few short months.

Negative ion clothing has also helped to shorten my baby girl’s hospital stay by a few days for treatment of the deadly Kawasaki disease.  A few months later, doctors closed her case because of her daily use of these high tech negative ions clothes and blankets which tremendously improve her heart condition that resulted from the awful Kawasaki Disease.

My father suffered a stroke in July 2018 and the doctors in the A&E Dept of NUH told him he was lucky to be alive when he admitted himself by cab 4 hours after the onset of stroke symptoms when he lost the use of his left arm. In fact, my mother’s oncologist said that his stroke is very rare as he only required a carotid endarterectomy.  Hitherto, he had been using the high tech blanket, which generates the highest density of negative ions, for 2 months. While in hospital, he was probably the only patient using his own negative ion blanket instead of those supplied by the hospital which could not keep him warm even with 3 pieces from head to toe. He continued wearing his negative ions clothes and sleeping on the blanket every day after his operation, which helped him recover quickly to be certified fit to drive again after only 3 months and to travel again.

Thanks to these amazing high-tech wearable health clothing and bedding which are made in Japan through their manufacturing technology, my loved ones have overcome their health problems and are healthier every day, as doctor visits have also been greatly reduced.


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